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Why Should You Become Part of GLEAC Family

  • To feel valued and recognized for who you are and what you do in this phase of your lives.
  • To access a tribe of our peers across our domain or other domains, collaborate with them, and learn from one another.
  • To earn well with Gleac's corporate clients who utilize our services and tap into our wisdom.
  • To impact the lives of others, including those at the bottom of the pyramid in Gleac's impact model.
  • To unlock contrarian, outlier, and deep expert thinking as you progress to the next version of yourself.


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An industry expert, coach, and mentor serve distinct roles in guiding individuals and organizations.

An Expert

An industry expert brings specialized knowledge and experience within a specific field, offering insights and solutions related to industry-specific challenges.

A Mentor

A mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor who provides holistic guidance and support, fostering the overall personal and professional growth of a mentee through a relationship-oriented approach.

A Coach

With expert guidance, coaching, and live sessions with diverse experts, learners receive personalized support that enhances practical learning and drives distinction in various educational settings.

While these roles may share certain characteristics, they play unique and complementary roles in facilitating learning, development, and success within different contexts.


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Elevate Your Learning Experience with Gleac's LMS

At Gleac, our comprehensive approach to guiding individuals and organizations encompasses a diverse range of learning experiences that seamlessly integrate with either our own LMS platform or the client's platform. Whether you prefer a blended learning model, live interactions, or online sessions, we offer sessions, guidance, and support at your convenience, regardless of your time zone.

Our platform and booking system make it easy to access industry experts, coaches, and mentors, allowing you to schedule personalized sessions that suit your preferences and availability. This flexibility ensures that our users, experts, mentors, and coaches can engage in meaningful learning experiences tailored to their needs, whether they seek specialized industry insights, goal-oriented coaching, or holistic mentorship. All of this is available within the convenience of the Gleac LMS or the client's platform.


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We select experts, mentors, and coaches in on average 10 verticals. We also open our selection criteria based on client need and new emerging areas.


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Gleac's Onboarding Process: A Four-Step Journey to Making a Positive Impact

Step 1 Micro-practices

You will be asked to complete three micro-practices focused on human skills, rather than your areas of hard expertise. This allows us to establish a baseline understanding of you as an individual, which is our primary concern.

Step 2 Committee Evaluation

The responses to these micro-practices are evaluated monthly, first by our algorithm and then by a committee of existing mentors. We are seeking individuals who think and act in a manner similar to ChatGPT, demonstrating rich human ingenuity and wisdom. We value unique perspectives, whether they are unconventional, contrarian, or deeply contextual.

Step 3 Approval

During the approval process, you will be invited to join a WhatsApp group where you will receive updates. Once approved, you will be invited to an onboarding session where everything will be explained. The entire process is expected to take no more than 30 days.

Step 4 Outcome

Regardless of whether your submissions are approved or not, if they demonstrate good quality, they will be used to mentor individuals using our freemium products, such as the UNICEF Yoma platform in Africa or the Jio platform in India. In essence, your efforts are never in vain, as we ensure your contributions have a positive impact regardless of the outcome.