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GLEAC offers an Experts-as-a-Service comprehensive platform
with 50,000 workplace practice modules and a global community of 500+ Coaches, Mentors, and Experts, leveraging
advanced technologies including MentorGPT and NFTs.

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Established in 2018

Professional Training and Coaching

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our story so far

Our Founder with her Foundation and as a volunteer for the US Government program KAPOW, has been in the human skills work readiness space for over 10 years
As the Chief Curator of People at Careem, our Founder starts experimenting with data science that would later formulate the GLEAC algorithms
GLEAC MVP is built. Within 30 days, PWC signed the first contract to test it out. We tried to gain traction in the University and Schools market but to no avail - but, we kept pushing.
In 2019, we signed the first major frontline workers and managers client, Prada USA, who would then refer GLEAC's next 7+ clients in this vertical!
Fast-forward to 2020: COVID-19 hits. For the first time ever HUMAN SKILLS becomes HOT in the market. We close our first 6 figure contract for Expo 2020 with a potential 25m users to be onboarded
By 2021, GLEAC receives Seed Funding led by Juvo Ventures at a $10m valuation. GLEAC B2B SaaS Platform and B2C APP come to market in the last quarter.
2022 saw us launch v2 of our B2B freemium app, complete the build of our SaaS product offering to the B2B market and launch our Lovely Humans NFT marketplace.
We soft-launched MentorGPT, featuring our AI datasets of unique human obscure/contrarian and outlier thinking. Next up, a scale-up in African and Asia + fundraising effort.

we are different

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Members actively engage and contribute to discussions, creating a vibrant learning environment.


We have a wide variety of professionals from lots of industries bringing different perspectives, enriching your learning experience.


Regular exchanges foster continuous learning and knowledge sharing among community members, all on our WhatsApp groups!


The community provides mentorship, feedback, and encouragement, creating a nurturing space for growth.

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We are GLEAC Mafia

GLEAC offers a unique micro-practice apprenticeship environment where learners apply skills in real workplace situations.

We are a Tribe

If you want a happy place to be yourself, learn and get equal chances to do cool things, you want to join us!

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GLEAC offers a unique micro-practice apprenticeship environment where learners apply skills in real workplace situations.

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